Published compositions by Geert Vanden Broeck

Flute and Piano


The Sonatine for Flute and Piano (composed in 1994) is a good introduction to atonal music for aspiring musicians of grade 7/8. It is a perfect graduation piece.
The three movements offers plenty of possibilities to showcase technique and interpretation. Flute and piano have equally challenging parts and demand a good dose of collaboration and dialogue.
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duration: 6 minutes
grade: 7/8


Piccolo and Harpsichord


Premiered by Peter Verhoyen, the Suite features a crossover between ancient dances and jazz.

duration: 4 minutes
grade: 6/7

Flute Choir

Plastic Soup

Plastic Soup is an environmentally challenged piece for Flute Choir, Cajun and Angry Feet. All players accentuate the music using their feet. It is a perfect fit for intermediate / advanced Flute Choirs and educational purposes.
The piece can be performed with a minimum of 4 Flutes (1 doubling Piccolo) and 2 Alto Flutes.
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Flute 1 & Piccolo,
Flute 2, 3, 4,
Alto Flute 1,
Alto Flute 2 (doubles Bass Flute),
Bass Flute,
Contrabass Flute (optional),
Cajon (or any other random resonating object).The Cajun part is optional but it really adds to the feel of the piece.
duration: 3’40

Oboe and Piano


Take a walk in nature and enjoy whatever is crossing your path. That is the idea behind Idylle. It is a rather easy piece for aspiring oboists.

duration: 3 minutes
grade: 3/4

Piano Solo

flow #1

flow #1 is the start of a series of minimalistic neoclassical pieces for piano solo.
Listen on soundcloud.

duration: 3 minutes
grade: 3/4